Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Magnets - Propeller Falls EP (Kill Em All)

Our next release on Kill Em All is a big one!!! Ladies and gents, we proudly present: Magnets

Propeller Falls EP
Kill Em All Records

Propeller Falls / Out Cold / Game Theory

Release Date: 10th April 2011

Promo mix: http://snd.sc/f8mEeQ

About one year ago, back when trawling through Myspace wasn't such a frustratingly fruitless task, I stumbled across something called Magnets. The page was totally black with a small animation of an endless road at night. It drew me in straight away. It was techno music, mixed with elements of EBM and house, clearly made on analogue equipment. Simple, sparse, atmospheric, hypnotic yet, all the while, punchy enough to break your headphones. A message was sent, the conversation began and twelve months on we have something very special to give to you.

Magnets is the project of Alex Mac, a London based producer and DJ. We're incredibly happy to have his debut release on Kill Em All. In his own words, the music "draws influence from the days when all you needed was a drum machine, a synth and an idea". The EP consists of three dancefloor bombs if ever we've heard 'em. I've had people in Fabric literally run up to me with their iPhones, desperate to know what the tracks are when they've heard them on that system. Yeah, so that sentence might sound like a crass PR tool but it's true and anyway, we're allowed to be excited. I'm following Sheen's example and being outwardly proud of my decisions (except with, y'know, fewer porn stars and lower levels of domestic violence).

Alex was in the band Simian, who managed to release two well received albums before imploding. It was with James Ford and Jas Shaw (the blonde bombshell Mr. Shaw actually helped mix this EP) in the pre Simian years that they built a studio in their house in Manchester, became inebriated on the hot dust kicking out of their old equipment and worked out how to make records. Put in the time and you will be rewarded.

Dan (Stopmakingme) & Filthy Dukes


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Punks Jump Up

Here's an ace mix from Punks Jump Up in preparation for Friday at Fabric

Vandroid – Master & Slave (Van She Tech remix) (??)
Mickey – Farfalle (Relish)
Tyson – Die On The Dance Floor (Headman remix) (Relish)
Sideview – New Toy (Version 2) (Faucet Music)
Jesse Saunders – On & On (alt version) (white)
Xinobi – Hawaii (Work It Baby)
In Flagranti – Hollow Discourse (Codek)
Glimmers – Killing Jokes (Gomma)
Giorgio Moroder – The Chase (Martin Brodin dub) (MB Disco)
Shadow Dancer – Cat Moves (Deadstock 33’s remix) (BoysNoize records)
In Flagranti – Worse For Wear (Punks Jump Up remix) (Codek)
Lavinia Claws – Washing Machine (C90’s remix) (Bang Gang)
Casco – Cybernetic Love (Punks Jump Up Percussive Love version)
Remute – Cowbell Mania (Remute)
Say Yes To Another Excess – Untitled Demo (Bang Gang)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Filthy Dukes - Machine Clap Mix

Big new club mix in celebration of their new Machine Clap EP. Boom!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Filthy Dukes - Machine Clap EP


WE HAVE A NEW RELEASE!!! The brand new Filthy Dukes EP 'Machine Clap' - we've kept that one pretty secretive huh! It's the first release from the boys in two years and features three dancefloor belters and a fantastic electronica remix from Visions Of Trees. You can buy the whole thing from Beatport right now. Artwork is by the ever amazing Kate Copeland.

Filthy Dukes - Machine Clap Ep by Filthy Dukes

Monday, 31 January 2011

Stopmakingme - Mix for The FADER

Here's a new mix I've made for The FADER as part of their Dollars To Pounds series. It features loads of my new music plus other stuff I'm playing out right now. An interview I did with the magazine can be found here.

Stopmakingme - Dollars To Pounds Mix For The FADER (January 2011) by Stopmakingme

- Remute – Cowbell Mania Pt.1 [Remute]
- Stopmakingme – Rattle [Bang Gang]
- Tribute – We Love Debbie [Tribute]
- Shit Robot – Take Em Up (Marcus Marr Remix) [DFA]
- Scenic – This Can’t Be (Get A Room! Remix) [Tigersushi]
- Hercules & Love Affair – My House (Stopmakingme Remix) [Moshi Moshi]
- In Flagranti – Peculiar Protagonist (Stopmakingme Remix) [Codek]
- Stopmakingme – Smint (In Flagranti Remix) [Bang Gang]
- Virgo – Mechanically Replayed [White]
- Discodeine – Ring Mutilation [D*I*R*T*Y]
- Tiga – Pleasure From The Bass [Different]
- Telephones – Kanal (Prins Thomas Remix) [Full Pupp]
- Tevo Howard – Foreigner [Permanent Vacation]
- Bag Raiders – Sunlight (Stopmakingme Remix) [Modular]
- Dekker – Stop (demo) [unreleased]
- Lost In Paris interlude
- Lykke Li – Get Some (Beck Remix) [Warners]
- Electronicat – Savage Cat [Disko B]
- Naum Gabo – Spessivtseva [Dissident]
- Prince – Sign O’ The Times [Warners]
- Headman – Blue Girls (Richard D. Clouston Remix) [Relish]
- Ono – Give Peace A Chance (Richard Fearless Remix) [Mind Train]
- Stopmakingme & The Deadstock 33s – Gravity [unreleased]

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Greg Wilson

There's a special Greg Wilson mix over at the ace Allez Allez just in time for the 21st. Go and check it

Greg Wilson Fabric Mix at Allez Allex